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Abacus Fisheries has been recognised as one of the leading innovators in the Seafood Industry.
The have won the following awards as recognition to their dedication to excellence in all aspects
of the Seafood Industry


  • 2012 – Delicious Produce Awards – Artisan Award – From the Sea

The Stock Merchant Sustainable crab stock produced by Abacus Fisheries


  • 2009 – Highly Commended SFM Interstate and Overseas Supplier Award

Abacus Fisheries have created awareness of the Gascoyne's pristine environment and high quality seafood.
The media have highlighted the company’s dedication to excellence


  • 2007 – National Seafood Industry Business Award
  • 2007 – National Seafood Industry Producer Award


  • 2006 – WA Seafood Industry Business Award
  • 2006 – WA Seafood Industry Promotion award
  • 2006 – WA Seafood Industry Producer Award
  • 2006 – Michael Kailis Award – Icon of Industry Award


  • 2003 – SFM Finalist Interstate or Overseas Supplier Award
  • 2003 – National Seafood Industry Promotion Award winner


  • 2002 – WA Seafood Industry Promotion Award winner


  • 1999 – SFM Interstate and Overseas Supplier Award

Printed media

  • Seafood Australia – have twice featured Abacus Fisheries on the cover of their magazine
  • Regions Western Australia- highlighted the region in which we fish
  • Destinations Skywest magazine- new industry
  • Western Fisheries- Developing fishery
  • Business News- twice featured the company and the industry
  • Good Taste Australia- highlighted the frozen crab’s attributes
  • ProWest – twice featured as cover story
  • Hunter and Gatherer- the magazine for food lovers
  • Spice- MadCrab mania event
  • Mead Living- MadCrab mania event


  • Mornings with Kerri Anne Show – cooking segment featured the Singapore Chilli crab preparation
  • Food Lovers Guide to Australia- Abacus crab was the lead story and featured for six and a half minutes selling the aspects of the region, showing fishing, processing and preparing of crab in a local restaurant
  • Surfing the Menu- highlighted the pristine environment of Shark Bay and its region while featuring seafood. Abacus Fisheries assisted in supplying the seafood and information that appeared in the book written by Ben and Curtis the two celebrity chefs
  • Sunrise - Weather section doing a cooking demo of blue swimmer crabs in Carnarvon
  • Postcards WA-5 minute cooking show on blue swimmer crab
  • Postcards WA, Taste of the Gascoyne -one hour documentary on the region and its industries highlighting the crab fishing industry
    • Lexus Chefs - Pay TV hosted the winners from each state and showcased the produce from the land and the sea of the Gascoyne region
    • ET - Highlighted the value adding aspects of the Shark Bay Blue Swimmer crab with the use of 100% all the by-products from the Blue Swimmer crab production process