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Abacus Fisheries are proud to be able to provide you with answers
to any questions you may have about their premium crab products

Why is Abacus crab only available frozen?
Crab is a very fragile seafood. We have designed our programme to ensure the quality and integrity of the crab flavour and texture is retained. Through years of development, we have established the best way to do this is to freeze the crab within a short time of them being landed at our factory, alive. The care we take at every stage guarantees that the flavour remains sweet and “fresh” and the texture “firm and moist”.

A distinctive characteristic of the Abacus crab is they never smell ammoniated - a sure sign of poor quality in fresh crab.

Why must I de-frost the crabs over night?
Like all frozen foods, the slower the de-frost, the least damage that occurs to the structure of the flesh. Crab flesh is very fragile and deserves extra care in handling. Never defrost crabs under water or by microwave.