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Abacus crabs are processed from live to being “super-frozen in a very short time to maximise their integrity and quality

It is important that “super fresh” frozen crabs are thawed slowly (naturally) to retain this product quality.
Follow these 3 simple steps to guarantee crab that is sweet, firm fleshed and delicious.

Remove the required number of crabs from the freezer and remove the wrapping by cutting along the top of the crab from claw tip to claw tip.

Carefully remove the plastic from the crab so as not to break the claw or legs from the crab. Place unwrapped crabs top shell down on a draining rack, in a sealed container in the cool room.

Ensure the crab is white side up during defrosting for best results Remember, crabs absorb flavours readily, keep them well clear of any other foods.

They will defrost “naturally” in the coolroom overnight (10-12 hours) remove from container and use!