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Abacus Wasabi Cream and Sesame Salmon Shots Download Product Sheet

Abacus Wasabi Cream and Sesame Salmon Shots are created using salmon we source from the pristine waters of Tasmania, then gently add toasted sesame, nori and wasabi to enhance the natural umami.

Captured in the centre of each shot, our creamy sauce is an aromatic blend of these classic Japanese seafood accompaniments.

We proudly process and value add at our production facility in Carnarvon Western Australia.

While the provenance of our food is becoming more important to many consumers, so is the growing awareness of the need to sustainably manage our fisheries and to ensure the responsible harvest of our seafood.

The Abacus Wasabi Cream and Sesame Salmon Shots are created to give you a fast and convenient way to serve Australian seafood, without the hassle.

With no complicated preparation, and cooked in minutes from frozen, the Wasabi Cream and Sesame, Salmon Shots makes a great addition to any menu.

The master carton contains 3 inner cartons X 2kg
– Total weight of master carton is 6kg.

Each inner carton has approximately 100 X 20g servings
of the Pure Prawn Shot.

Approximately 100 Pure Prawn Shots per inner carton.
Approximately 300 Pure Prawn Shots per master carton.

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